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Network Disconnects Briefly on Install of Endpoint Security


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I think I've asked this before but I want to be absolutely sure that this is not possible to achieve in some way.


When I install Endpoint Security it will briefly disconnect the client machines network, which I've been told is because it needs to hook into the network driver and that is fine.


I just really wish there was a way to maybe delay that network integration until a restart, I don't really care if the Firewall or AV component is not active until a restart, I just want a way to push out Eset to a load of clients without disrupting their network connection.


As it is because the network disconnects I always have to make sure the user is not working on anything to install Eset which is a massive pain and makes the job 100x more difficult!


Slightly more irritating is the fact that v5 was able to do it by delaying that part of the install but now I can't on v6.


Is this possible at all?



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I'm not aware of that Endpoint v5 could delay the installation of the network driver until a computer restart. Installation of drivers is performed by the operating system itself.

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