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banking modus no green band and text never been updated

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I use eset smart security 9 since it is out.

But I have two problems:


Serveal times when I use the bank modus i get no green band and the button above the screen eset protected.

But when i go to programms and use the repair option it works again.

But after a time no green band is shown so i have to do the repair functio again.


Futher when i look at the start screen it shows that esets smart security never has been updated , but the programme updates it selfs , because i get the message at the right sight in mij screen.


The text appears when in the start screen when i manually update smart securtiy.

But after a while in the start screen i see: smart security never has been updated??


Sorry for my English

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No answer here,  with support of the Dutch support desk from Eset, I have gone bakc to verison 8.

Version 9 is for me to buggy

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