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NOD32 on Windows 10 Not Honoring Folder Exclusion


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It seems that NOD32 Antivirus on Windows 10 is not always honoring folder exclusions.


I go to Advanced Setup/AntiVirus/Exclusions


And I have a folder setup like this: C:\Development


That did not work.


Then I changed it to C:\Development\*.* and it worked for a while.


Then today When I ran an EXE from an excluded folder, I get a Windows 10 error message and the file dissapears. I need all the EXE's and files in this folder (it is a development machine) to be left untouched and unaffected by NOD32. I hade to go restore it from Quaranteen. I do not want to exclude each file... I want entire folder trees excluded. This is very important.


Is there any way to guarantee a folder and everything under it (all the subfolders) to be left alone?





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Exclusions under Windows 10 work just fine. Please post a screen shot of:

- the exclusion setup

- the alert you're getting (the path must be displayed completely)

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Hi  Marcos,


It was on me! My fault... I had one character off in one of the paths. So it is working.


Sorry for this "false positive". :)



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