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SSL/TLS and Eset Banking & Payment Protection

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Hi @TomFace


I think this is the case of " I'm right and you too! "...


To reply that above I open the ESET Smart Securiy v9 and check the configuration, which shows "disabled",

however, after your reply I check the help.eset.com and found this:




"Protocol filtering

Antivirus protection for application protocols is provided by the ThreatSense scanning engine, which seamlessly integrates all advanced malware scanning techniques. Protocol filtering works automatically, regardless of the Internet browser or email client used."





That's explain why "seems" to be "active", because it is under the "Threatsense" internal configuration, but is not from outside.


If you look into Advanced configuration of v9, and search by "SSL" you will find the detail on "off". 

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