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Dynamic group template by computer name

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I'd like to create a dynamic group template by computer name. But the rule has only two conditions: equal / not equal. Could I use others conditions like contains, has prefix, has postfix, has mask, regex, in, in (string mask) ? For example, all computers' name start with AA, then AA001, AA002, AA003... could be assigned into the dynamic group. 




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unfortunately, when BIOS has serial number filled in the identifier value becomes the serial number (and identifier type becomes serial)



edit: actually you can match the hostname even when you have serial.


Which probably means that identifier value is ambiguous


The interaction between multiple fileds in templte expression is not well documented.


When I request that identifier type is hostname AND identifier value has prefix K does it match only hostnames starting with K or also serials starting with K? How does it work for the other operatoes (NOR, ...).

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