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Upgrading Exchange from V4.x to V6.2

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I'm just on my second upgrade of EMSX and both have failed. I've downloaded the installer, moved it out of downloads and unblocked it but both ended with "installation has ended prematurely."


I followed the upgrade guide, it has fallen over both times immediately after the restart.


Surely this should work?


The only thing that may be non-standard is I installed the 6.2 agent on both servers prior to the upgrade.


Unfortunately I can't keep testing this on live customer servers!

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I've been stuck in the old can't install it, can't uninstall it loop for a couple of hours. I think I've finally got to the bottom of this one. There was an entry relating to the initial failed install in




Prior to this I've run the uninstaller in /nosafemode (it's a production server on a remote site which can't be rebooted) emptied any temp files and manually checked the registry for any ESET entries and deleted them.


Renaming the InProgress key allowed me to run a fresh install which seems to have cured it.

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Same problem on an SBS 2007 server. ESMX 6.2 will not install - premature end after reboot - every time. Ran through the KB articles about removing it, ran the uninstall tool, checked for EHDRV, etc ...


Was able to reinstall 4.52 for now although all my rules were blown away (per docs) although it did state there is a pending install that needs to be rolled back - assuming ESMX 6.2 since that was the only install current.


The event log shows error 1603 for the failed install(s) with no further info.


Will attempt to install again and look for the above regkey when it fails - its currently not there. And will try to generate a log file.


Kind of at a loss.

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