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Can not disable Proxyserver


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Hi ESET Support Team,

I updated PC Client to ESET Endpoint Security 6.2, it was running well. (successful connect to license Server and also update Signaturdate)

then I installed ERA Version 6.2 and created Agent Live Installers. but after installed ESET Remote Agent in PC Client. it automatic set the Porxy Server in Tools with internal IP and I can't disable it even uninstall ESET Remote Agent. Problem is with this Porxyserver Setting, PC Client can't connect to ESET license Server anymore.

do you have idea about it? Please see attached file.



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If Endpoint is not managed via ERA and agent has been uninstalled on the clients, uninstalling Endpoint and installing it from scratch should help. If agent was installed, you could just remove or edit the policy that enforces proxy server settings.

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