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How to add third-party application in SysRescue

Sarvesh Singh

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We are using ESET SysRescue and distributing to our wide channel partners. We are facing some challenges if we want to run third-party application inside the SysRescue environment like ScreenConnect (Remote tool) application.


We want to include this application in SysRescue Live CD for the remote connection.


The process to use ScreenConnect is as follows:

1.       Guest need to visit to the ScreenConnect URL set by the host.

2.       Guest will enter the code, created for the remote session by host.

3.       Then ScreenConnect downloads the supported application for desired OS.

4.       After executing the downloaded file, guest system will be connected remotely with the host.


In the case of SysRescue, supported file (.jnlp) get downloaded and  when we execute the application, it again download the same file. We also updated the java inside SysRescue environment but doesn’t help.


Kindly let us know how to add any third-party application in SysRescue live CD to be working.

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