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6.1 Agents with ERAS and EEA 6.2?

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ERAS 6.2 has lot of bells and whistles that seem really great. I'd fully upgrade 6.1 to 6.2 if there weren't concerns of performance instability on client devices. Installation of the hotfix is not an option at this time.


1. Would it be possible to upgrade ERAS and EEA products to 6.2, but continue using 6.1 ERA Agents on client devices?

2. Are there any known issues with 6.1 Agents working with EEA and ERA 6.2?

3. Would any new/old features fail to work properly because of the version mismatch?


My ERAS is deployed on a CentOS 6.5 VM. Client devices are a mixture of Windows, OS X, Linux workstations and Linux servers.



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We have a solution for those where ERA acted as a catalyst for the issue. Of course, installing the hotfix will always be recommended as the bug in WFP also manifests when protocol filtering is performed. The chance of encountering the issue rises with the number of processors / cores that the system has.

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