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Windows 10 upgrade, ESET 8, Eset 9, firewall does not work

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I tried upgrading my Win7 Pro to Win10 about 4 weeks ago and ran into an Ethernet adapter driver problem ("Windows couldn't automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the network adapter") that I could not resolve, so I reverted to Win7.


Later I found out that ESET 8 apparently was involved, so yesterday (10/25) I went to the ESET website that said to uninstall ESET 8, install ESET 9, and then do the Win10 upgrade. I did this and everything seemed ok; it took hours so I didn't really check much. 


When I booted Win10 this morning (10/26), ESET 9 said it couldn't start its Firewall and that I should uninstall/reinstall. I tried "repairing" ESET 9, but that did not help. I uninstalled ESET 9, rebooted, and I'm using the Win10 Firewall now.


I searched this forum, but found nothing. At this point I have very little confidence in ESET, so I'd like to find out if they know anything about this problem.



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Could you please post a screen shot of the error? Does the protection status change from red to green automatically after a while?

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