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Premium expiring - evaluating options.

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Hello all,


My first question is, my license expires in 1 day. I've got a 30% offer so for £6.95 instead of £9.95 I can have ESET for 1 year. How long does this promotion last? As it doesn't mention when this expires in the app.


Secondly, I have a Sony Xperia T, in which I plan to run ESET on. However, I'm having doubts with the recent Stagefright exploits. As a result, my phone is out of supported updates.


I understand that ESET doesn't protect against Stagefright, but what happens, after a device has been exploited? Is it possible that ESET can resolve any issues, without having to wipe the device, for example?


Thankfully I've not had to deal with any viruses on Android - at least of a serious nature. So a little in the dark on whether it's worth investing in ESET any futher.


My only option if this isn't the case, is to switch to CyanogenMod for which Stagefright has been patched.


Are there any independant comparison tests for AV's on Android? I understand that ESET will work on CyanogenMod, but likely unsupported?


Many thanks in advance, :)



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  • ESET Moderators

Hello, the offers do not have a specified time range set, we will see how many people took advantage of them and will end or prolong them accordingly.

As for Stagefright, the exploit is done on the system partition where apps don't have access, so while we can detect whether a device is vulnerable (look up ESET Stagefright Detector on Google Play), security apps can't do anything about it actively.

I would say it is beneficial to have a security solution in your device, as it can protect you from malicious applications, fraudulent websites, etc., but on top of that ESET Mobile Security offers other features as well, such as Anti-Theft, SMS&Call Filter, etc.

To view a comparison of various security solutions, you can have a look at https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/mobile-devices/ (sneak peek: we scored 100%).

Regarding CyanogenMod, the app should work without any issues, but as it allows (and contains) some system modifications not possible on a regular device software, we can't guarantee it 100%.

Have a nice day,


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