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Unable to turn off Anti-Theft Warnings

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I've recently installed v9, and can't turn off the notifications that Anti-Theft is not optimized. I do not want to use this feature, and the yellow warning is annoying, and not user friendly. I have turned off Anti-theft in security tools, and the anti-theft warning in advanced setup, to no avail.


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When I installed ver. 9, Eset asked me to logon to the Anti-Theft site . Since I have an existing Eset logon and password that was created from the ver. 8 install, I used that. After the ver. 9 installation completed, I have no issues with an Anti-Theft warning. It is disabled in Eset and the warning message is indeed enabled.


So the best I can speculate is perhaps this feature somehow requires an Eset logon and password although it is disabled? Go figure? 

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@rocketman, do you clic on the report and read it? :)


To find why or what is waiting to be done on anti-theft, logon onto anti-theft website, go to the computer and check there.

Usually the users forgot to create the phantom account. Is that simple.

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