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LiveGrid Notifications - Asking to Disable the "Notifications"

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Dear Eset Representative,


Greetings and thank you for supplying a support forum.


I am an experienced power user.


My question is about disabling "LiveGrid not working notifications" in Eset Smart Security for Home 9.0.318.20 for Windows 7.


I have searched the software options, certain web forums and documents but could not find a solution so I write to you.


My question (request) is; I want to completely disable the red notification on main screen and windows icon regarding "LiveGrid is disabled". (I don't want it to turn into yellow or orange neither)


My Reasons are:

  1. I am aware what LiveGrid is and I do not use LiveGrid.
  2. I am a power user, I do not want to use it.
  3. The non-removable notification (and win-icon) makes me unable to notice the real important notifications. This is a real security problem! Unable to notice real important notifications.
  4. "Anti-virus and firewall not working notifications" can be turned off (from advanced options) so "why not LiveGrid notifications"?
  5. In todays modern world spam is a very big problem. Spam is basically the name of undesired messages. So if an app-in notification can not be disabled, how should it be named?

Inside an Eset forum page, I saw a moderator has answered a similar question as; "why would a user wishes to turn off LiveGrid, it protects you, etc...".


In my opinion, this is a very non-professional answer; as we, the users here are not small children, many of us are professionals or power users. Children do not come to this forum and ask, how to turn off LiveGrid notifications.


In democracy, customers have the access to turn off any "notification" --they do not want to see-- of the software they gave money. If a company forces the users to see notifications that distract them, the users change the company.


So dear representative please, do not write standard answers like "Eset gives attention to customer safety, privacy, etc" or "LiveGrid is an essential part of the product and should not be turned off". (as we are also trying to turn off the notifications).


Eset Smart Security 9 is a computer program and customers pay to use it. So it can not force user to see any undesired notification.


With all respect, I am not waiting a standard customer relations answer, I am waiting for a solution or at least a legal reply concerning this issue will be fixed in the next update.


Best regards...

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LiveGrid is a critical security feature that provides protection against newly emerging threats. Disabling it completely will always trigger a warning. You don't have to worry about anything as it's only hashes that are transferred if submissions of files and statistics is disabled.

Having explained that, we'll draw this topic to a close.

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