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Problems with EES 6 and internal SharePoint

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I've recently updated a number of computers in our organisation to ESET Endpoint Security 6 (specifically 6.2.2) and now opening MS Office documents (doesn't effect PDF's) through our internal SharePoint is now broken. The application hangs while trying to download and open the document. I found that this can be fixed by going into Advanced setup and adding the affected applications into the "Excluded applications" under protocol filtering under Web and Email seems to fix the problem. 


Having said that, I'd be weary of using this as a long term solution as surely this will open us up to vulnerabilities? Can anyone advise if they've had this problem also and is there a better long term solution to this? I don't want to roll out the latest update to the rest of the organisation until I've got this sorted properly.



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This is a known issue of a recent Internet protection module. As a temporary workaround, we recommend excluding the Sharepoint server's IP address from protocol filtering. A newer version of the module addressing the issue should be available soon.

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