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Are you liking the firewall rules view in ESS 9 vs 8?

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Wanted to get an opinion on how you guys feel about the navigation of the new firewall rules window. Personally I didn't like it in ESS 9 where it felt more of a jumbled mess (imo) where you needed to expand the tabs to see what you wanted. In ESS 8 you had the title of where the .exe came from and the icons that came with it for ease of quick search (minus the search function itself which is apparent in ESS 9). Maybe there is an easier way to sort through this in ESS 9 but I haven't found it as of yet.







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Yes one of the problems for me and there's others like these:


- scan colors need to be like old versions better

- Can't minimize or close GUI alone without closing Scan dialog

- Scan don't start in a new window

- Parental control message for blocked site don't give what category this site in like before ( You will see it in log )

- Firewall rules not clear like before and it don't even have programs icon ( You will need to focus with names )

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The major reason for the change is that the firewall rules for an application are evaluated in order, top to bottom.

For example:

Allow communication for someProgram
Allow communication for someProgram[2]
Allow communication for someProgram[3]
Block communication for someProgram    // Block all other communication for someProgram.

That way you can create specific allow and ask rules for a program, followed by a global block for any other communication.

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I agree with the OP, it is a jumbled mess.

Eset 8 was a lot more clear on which application the rule applied to.

Now you have to really look for it. Not handy when you want to clean the rules and get rid of applications you removed/uninstalled.

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