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Endpoint Antivirus - Present App in Dock - Mac OSX


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Dear ESET team,

 I've got many macbooks with Eset Endpoint Antivirus installed and in newest version of your software, you were so kind to give us really annoying option in Interface settings which is..." Present application in Dock". There is not even one person in my office who would like to have this option on by default. 

Is there a chance that i can turn it off remotely on all of my computers? I'm also using upgraded to the newest version ERA 6. I can't find an option in "Politics" or "Client tasks" to do so.

Maybe there's a custom command that I can use remotely on my client computers? Turning it off on 200 computers will be really, really frustrating.

Thanks for help in advance!


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Same question posted a day or two ago: https://forum.eset.com/topic/6299-eset-mac-ui/

Is there a way to automatically disable the "Present Application In Dock" (or hide it)  through the ERA through policy? or maybe through some terminal magic?

I've also found this default setting change in the recent release to be unwanted as there is no point for having it open and active in the dock in the first place because of the icon in the menu bar. It's similar to constantly having an minimised window on Windows sitting in the task bar all the time even though it's in the system tray already. Unfortunately this has also come into the home products (ECS/ECSP) too now. Yes it's simple to change, but it would be convenient not to have it turned on in the first place, especially for endpoints who now need to figure out how to turn this off.


Please ESET, reconsider leaving 'Present Application in Dock' unchecked in default installations/preferences for EEA, EES, ECS and ECSP like you did in previous releases.

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Hello, I have let the responsible team know that you would like it to be disabled by default.

Thank you for your feedback.

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