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email imap scanner question,it doesn't scan thunderbird


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i use thunderbird like email client on my desktop w764 eset v6 64bit and laptop w32 eset v5 32bit


are the v6 and v5 the same how they handle the imap protocol?



because  without enabling email integration(the plugins) in the statics i can notice nod scans only pop3 email

not imap emails


for example google or yahoo they use 993 ssl/tls and i still use thunderbird 3.1.11


without the plugin how can i scan all my imap emails?

in the preferences i added port  143,993 , the imaps scanner setup ->filtering mode is gray


i tried to send the eicar zip and exe eset did not warns




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Make sure to enable SSL scanning if you want to have IMAPS/POP3S scanned.

Hi Marcos


do you mean under SSL protocol checking under web and mail->protocol filtering->SSL ?

does it work without email integration?


thunderbird pop ups a windows ,should i accept? i mean is the first time i see this window

can i let only thunderbird uses ssl and not firefox



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