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ESET Update - Killed Windows 10 TCPIP Functionality

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Hello... I have a serious problem, compounded by a serious other problem...


1 Week ago, I was prompted by ESET for an update to the application... I obliged, clicking through the normal prompts to the point it required a restart to finish... it restarted in safe mode for an unknown reason... I checked a few things out, the app appeared to be uninstalled, rebooted 'properly' into full Windows 10... except now I have no TCP functionality... ipconfig gives me


c:\users\mike> ipconfig


Windows IP Configuration




And I have no AV other than Windows Defender... my network system tray object has an exclamation mark over it that doesn't appear to be resolvable...


I called ESET last week, asking for a call back, and tried their online webchat... the webchat never provided a support analyst (this is on an online PC, not the broken one), and the call back never materialized...


Very frustrated at this point in the game... I've been an ESET supporter for 4 licenses annually for the last ~4-5 years, and am/was trying to get it supported by our Corporate (~6000 PCs) solution... can anyone help me out?

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