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ESMX 4.5.10023 DNSBL configuration

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I can't seem to configure a DNSBL with Exchange 2010 and ESMX 4.5.10023.


If i add the DNSBLs inside of Exchange, they don't seem to block anything. But i'd rather add them to ESMX anyways and have it reject mail before it ever gets to Exchange.


If i add the DNSBLs inside of ESMX, it also doesn't seem to block anything. I've attached a screenshot of the DNSBL config inside ESMX. I am using the following site to test the zen.spamhaus.org block list. hxxp://www.crynwr.com/spam/


How can i set this up so it will work either configured inside ESMX like it should be, or inside Exchange?


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Hello, as nobody had any suggestions for this case, please contact your local customer care in order to investigate the issue further.

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My local customer care is just a reseller, doubtful they'd know anything about the configuration options in Mail Security. Very surprised i never got a response from anyone here.


However, I was able to get this working. You have to add your blocklist providers to the "RBL" section not the "DNSBL" section. I never could find anything in the documentation or here on the forums spelling out exactly how things need to be configured.





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