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Endpoint Security is blocking some SQL connections even though it's in Learning Mode


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I have a number of computers that are using an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) database that has a built in payment system.  Both systems rely on SQL servers that are on two separate boxes in the enterprise.  The EMR works just fine, we get data in and out on all computers with ESET's default settings without any problem.  The payment system, however, is a different animal.  To get everything rooted out for the payment system on the 4 computers that are running it, I put the firewall in learning mode.  Three of the four computers are now allowing payment transactions without fail and it appears as if they're creating the rules that we need to make this system function.  One computer, however, will not allow the payment system to operate:




The error you see PowerPay generating will not appear if I disable ESET's firewall.  As you can also see from the screenshot, the firewall is in Learning mode, so it shouldn't be blocking anything like this.


Also, when I look at the logs for this computer, I don't see any blocked transactions:





So I'm not sure what is happening here that this SQL connection is being cut off.


Please advise.



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