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Babylon Software - False Positive

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Dear Sir/Madam,


I am contacting you regarding a false identification of our site – dl.babsft.com. Your Anti-Virus software identifies our download link as 'Potentially unwanted content found', telling the user that 'This web page is on the list of websites with dubious reputation or websites with potentially unwanted content. By doing so, you are misleading our users and causing significant damage to our revenues.


I am not sure whether you are aware of the fact that Babylon Software LTD. has purchased the translation business in its entirety from Babylon LTD.. Babylon Software LTD. focuses on using a clean software solely for translation purposes, which comes with no bundles or search properties in any way or form. All of our installation files are also signed with our new signature.


If you wish to re-inspect our software, you can download it from our site at hxxp://www.babylon.com. If you still find anything improper, we would be happy to hear about it and correct it.


We believe that the aforementioned is caused due to a misunderstanding on your end, as you were not informed of the modifications that were recently made in our translation software, and that you will correct the false identification ASAP. Please inform us when the correction has been applied so we will be able to verify it.



Ran Eyal │ Head of Marketing and Media │ Babylon Software Ltd.


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The detection is correct - it's a potentially unwanted application. This detection is optional and is applied only for users who deliberately opted for detection of this kind of applications. 

Since detection disputes are not allowed on this forum, we'll draw this topic to a close.

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