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Webconsole Not Showing Installed Icon

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I'm try to install ERAS on CentOS 7. Installation successfully, trying restart once for makesure.

But after one client connected and restart server again, there are no information about connected client ( even agent on localhost )


post-1569-0-02492700-1444377700_thumb.png post-1569-0-79599000-1444377716_thumb.png


I am also see for an agent and server status, everything fine


post-1569-0-49996000-1444378202_thumb.png post-1569-0-71840900-1444378210_thumb.png


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I think the problem about DNS resolving, i am just reinstalling Agent on the Server. But after restart, icon and data gone again.

Trying change DNS Server, and wait for sync. So far information about client on dashboard Oke, i will report back.

./Agent-Linux-x86_64.sh --skip-license --cert-path=Agent.pfx --cert-auth-path=CA.der --hostname=server.hostname.com --port=2222
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  • ESET Staff

Hello Mahiralkhoir,


I'm glad you discovered the name resolution issue; it is for that reason that we suggest you configure agents to use both ip address and name for clients to use to connect to the server with. Step 12 and onward from article: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3701/covers how to add multiple addresses to use for agents connecting to the ERAS.


Kind regards,

ESET Customer Care

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