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ERA 6.2 antivirus

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Hi everyone,


I installed antivirus from ERA server - Eset Antivirus 6.2.2.

Some users with windows 8.1 are complaining that they lost internet connection from time to time.

I checked the browsers and I couldn't access any webpage but when I tried to ping google.com from cmd I received reply.


Do you have a resolution for this?



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I don't see how that can be the antivirus, that's your DNS resolution. If you cna ping an IP address, but not resolve its name, that's DNS.


If you'd said ESET Endpoint Security, I wuld suggest you had somehting blocked in the firewall, but if it's Antivirus then it doesn't block anything.

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  • ESET Moderators

Hi Bogdan,

Please see whether disabling Web Access Protection and Application Protocol Filtering changes aynthing.

In case it does, please contact your local ESET support office as further logs will be needed to solve the case.

(Also make sure that there is no difference between HTTP and HTTPS pages in the behaviour - if there is, it could be just that the certificate was not imported correctly, i.e. a browser was running when the import should have taken place.)

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