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It still does not Add the Certificate automatically like it does for IE and Chrome BUT after Importing manually it is now working.

Hope to see Automaic Adding of the Certificate working in the future so I don't have to muck around with the rest of the family PC's to get it working.


The root certificate is added to Firefox automatically if it's properly installed (ie. with portable versions, you have to import it manually). If it doesn't work for you' please continue as follows:

- with all browsers and email clients closed, disable SSL scanning

- start logging all operations using Process Monitor

- enable SSL scanning and click OK to close the setup window

- start Firefox

- stop logging

- compress the Process Monitor log, upload it to a safe location and PM me the download link

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I am having the problem now with Chrome version 35 on Mac with NOD32 latest verison installed.  Issue is that it only blocks FaceBook in https:// mode.  Help?


ESET Cyber Security for Mac doesn't support scanning SSL so there cannot be a problem with the root certificate. Please create a new topic in the appropriate forum for ESET Cyber Security while including information about the version of OS X and the ESET product and version you're using.

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