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Error - CUpdatesModule

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Hello All,


After terrible experience with many errors  and problems in ESET Remote Administrator Server version 6.1 we have got version finally. It looks like it work like a charm.

Everything seems to be working:

Remote Agent install with no errors (from live agent installer)

Remote install of ESET Endpoint Antivirus clients working (We've got some problems with activation, but new task "Activate product" solves the issue )

Workstation are updates with virus database successfully

No errors in ERAC - just perfect




on all workstation we can see one, the same error. On C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs\last-error.html we have  line with:


CUpdatesModule 2015-Oct-08 09:44:13 PerformUpdate: Module update failed with error: Proxy server requires authentication. (error code 8194)



Every set of proxy setting at Agent, and Clients policy are the same. We set "proxy requires authentication" at policy, we set username and valid password. But above error always appear.


Agent version -


Have You got aby idea what should we wrong ?



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Agent is connected  through an existing proxy server (ISA Server). It is configured to use this proxy in agent policy.

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Yes, of course.


Now i see on ISA Server monitoring that agent i trying to connect via port “80” and as “anonymous” user to hxxp://update.eset.com/eset_upd/era6/update.ver. They did not take policy settings of username, password and port. Other settings (connection time interval for example) are successfully implement.

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