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ESET MSP Utilities question

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So we used to use LabTec... not trying to do that anymore... we have a new license.  Can I uninstall the ESET MSP Utilities without breaking things?  I had the server all set up good yesterday and ERAC sees all the clients and its updating properly from the mirror server, but when I came in this morning and logged back in to ERAC it complained that I had a trial license, and I had to reupload the .lic file.  Im thinking that ESET MSP Utilities is pushing back out the old license info or something?

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We also use the MSP Utilities - for what it's worth, if the MSP Utilities detect any "foreign" licenses (in License Manager) when the EMU Spike occurs, it will blow the license out.  Foreign licenses being (as far as I can tell) any license not available through the ESET MLS website -


We had this problem when we attempted to add a license for ESET Mobile Security for Android to our MSP ERA - everytime the EMU Spike would occur, it deleted the license.


As far as uninstalling the MSP Utilities, I had to do this once (just have to uninstall/reinstall) - it went smoothly for us


Hope that helps somewhat!

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