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NOD32 delete Windows XP system file

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NOD32 show that I have affected DLL file located in C:\windows\system32.

I selected deleted it on reboot, now i Can boot Windows XP - it's show blue screen.

This file has nam s*.dll or m* and it is for network stack - when I block

access to file outloook express cannot recevie e-mail.


I wan to recovery this file from XP installation CD but i forget file name.

How to read NOD32 log file to get this file name of deleted file?


Please help me & thanks for answers


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Unfortunately, without knowing the detection name and ideally the names of detected files, we have no clue what happened. The only thing that occurs me is that a virus infected a system file and you chose to delete it, when detected.

Since you were probably able to boot to Windows, you could check the Detected threats log for more information about what was detected.

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Sorry, I can't boot to Windows.
It's show Blue screen with c000021a.

- start safe mode same

- last good known configuration same

It propably due to missing DLL file that NOD 32 removed.

OK, I can access to hard drive from recovery CD but it is possible to read detected thread log e.g. if I copy log file to another instance of NOD32 on working computer? 

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you could insert the windows xp installation cd and start the recovery options.

check those pages to see if they help you.




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