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ESET AV 6 use wrong profile


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Hi all,


in our company we have changed from RA5 to RA6.


Currently we are deploying the AV6 Client to the clients and have a - for us - critical problem.


The old NOD32 clients had two configurations (LAN/Online). Now we have only one with no special name. It is "My profile".

The problem ist, that the updated client still use the profile setting from the old client. The new client want to connect to the old ERA server an so, the ERA Agent reports to the new server that there is an issue with updating the virus db.

If we change to setting remotely to "My profile", the update start just in the second we click "ok"...


Now i am searching for a possibility to change to profile for all clients at once.

I didnt find a solution within the policies.


Any suggestions?





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  • Administrators

There has only been one default update profile called "My profile" so the two profiles you've mentioned must have been created by you. Please refer to this KB article for instructions how to create dual update profiles with ERA v6:


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The two profiles where created in RA 5 but we dont need them anymore. In ERA 6 we just use only one.

As written before, the problem ist that some clients don't change the profile settings after upating from the old AV client.

In fact the old config points to the old ERA Server these clients never get any updates and the agent allways reports that the client isnt up2date.


Currently we change the setting on the client machine by hand from one of the old profiles to the new one.


It would be nice if we could push a registry setting via gpo or something else to fix that issue.



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  • ESET Moderators


Did you try to create a specific update profile with desired settings in an ERA policy, then select it as "Selected profile", make sure these two entries have the "Apply" (or even "Force") flag applied and send it to the client?

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