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Stuck at "A system restart from a previous installation update is pending....."

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I receive the following error during installation.

"A system restart from a previous installation or update is pending, and that setup cannot continue"

I have tried shutting down and restarting my computer however am unable to resolve the error. I have also tried to follow the following guide, but no success.

Some background information;
I recently did a fresh format and install of windows 8.1 - and accidentally installed ESET ESS Beta which i did not want. I proceeded to uninstall the beta through control panel however recieved an error relating to being unable to delete "ekrn" and that i did not have sufficient privileges. - I am running an administrator account with UAC disabled.

I then tried to uninstall ESS by using the Manual uninstall tool as directed here.

This did uninstall the software - however i am unable to reinstall any further ESS software, which is what i am seeking help for now.

Please note that i am using a trial period of 30 days.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @heatl0rd,


As far as I know that uninstaller should delete all ESET related... are you sure you run under SafeMode??


Is still say "pending installation", please run the uninstall again, delete al temporal folders.

reboot in Normal mode and try installing again, this time download a new installer.

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