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Is Antivirus for Linux Desktop Dead?

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Hi All,


I'm currently evaluating AV products for our company and wanted to ask if the Antivirus for Linux Desktop is still being actively developed, or at least supported, by ESET.  Looking at the forums, it seems the Linux threads are dead.  Last update of version 4.0.81 was way back in 2013.  Are there any plans to at least support newer versions of Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, RHEL, and Ubuntu?


Also, what of the licensing?  Is Antivirus for Linux Desktop part of the Multi-Device packages or not?  I recently got in touch with your support via live chat (which didn't go so well, by the way, and your toll free number was taking forever and never answered), and all I could gather was that the US Multi-Device packages don't include AV for Linux.  I asked about international licenses, but support pretty much went silent.  Wasted over an hour of my time.


Not sure if I should go with the Small Office package either (instead of the Multi-Device) as looking at the Endpoint Security Products section of the forums shows that Linux isn't discussed much over there, so I don't know how well support for Antivirus Business Edition for LInux Desktop will be in the long run.


Would appreciate advice relating to Linux support, either for home products or business.  Our company uses Linux as well as Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.  So, I'm looking for license packs that support as many OSes as possible, Linux included preferrably.



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  • ESET Moderators

Hello, though there were not many updates recently, the product is definitely supported.

As for the licenses, distributor in each country can set their own packages and bundles, so if the US support told you this product is not a part of the package you asked about, it probably is not - I can, however, not tell for sure, as I am based at ESET headquarters in Slovakia.

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