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Upgrade from 5 to 6 suggestions?


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Good day,


We currently have 85 seats of Eset Endpoint (ver 5.0.2229.1) with RAC and RAS (ver

I called ESET support beginning of 2015 to inquire whether version 6 was stable enough for corporate environment and was told it wasn't at a time.

it is now 8 months later that I would like to re-animate my question again?


Is version 6 stable enough to upgrade from version 5?

What are your thoughts,




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yes, version 6 has been stable since the release. However, given that ERA v6 is a brand new product and not just a minor upgrade of v5, I'd strongly recommend testing it and getting familiar with it before you roll it out to all computers. Should you need further assistance but cannot find an answer in KB or tutorial videos, feel free to ask.

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