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New License Sys - Renewal Conflict

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When clk'ing the ESS Renew License link via Sys Tray Icon I'm presented with my Normal ID, which under it shows [ ID or Lic Key is not recognized by our system ].

Clk'ing Submit just refreshes the page. (.319 change list  nets "Changed: End User License Agreement")


Any suggested step on the Renewal Page to get the User Name presents the same old data.


Read of New Lic System for converting to Ver 9  -- BUT since there's a Conflict for Ver 8 Renewals it seems logical to start this Thread for amended Renewal instructions.



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Hello COStark26,

I have notified our US support team who should reach out to you and assist you with renewing your license.



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Thanks, Tomas. I went ahead & phone Renewed this morning, - BUT - I started the Thread thinking I couldn't be the only one to face this reality.


Maybe not since you've handled it on an individual basis. Time will tell.


All is well for me now.

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