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What is NOD32 Titan?


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As I was fishing for the final version of NOD32 v9 Final, I went to the russian site and I saw that they have NOD32 Titan! What is that? Is that a different version that NOD32 Antivirus? I want my NOD32 to become a Titan also


If I install the Titan, can I use my current license for NOD32 on it or is it a diff. product altogether?

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Following stackz link, here's what's included:



ESET NOD32 TITAN includes:

  • Basic product ESET NOD32 Smart Security (3 PC license for 1 year)
  • ESET NOD32 Mobile Security (1 device license for 1 year)
  • Paragon Home Expert ESET Edition (license for 1 PC)
  • KeePass (software distributed under an open license GNU GPL)

The kit includes ESET NOD32 TITAN 4 GB USB Flash Drive with software distribution


Seems like there are various naming methods for different locations around the world (eg. Japan uses 'Personal Security' and 'Family Security'). In the end we still receive the same products, just different bundles/offers/etc.  :)

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Of course your license won't work as there are more products bundled. It will work only for the product you purchased.

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