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Software Install Task Fails


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I'm using ERA6 and I get a "Fatal error during installation (0x643)" when I try to use an install task to install Endpoint AV from the repository. The installation logs give the error code 1603, but after looking through the causes for that code I'm still unsure what could be preventing installation of the software.


I can't quite decipher much else in the log, so any help to pinpoint this problem is appreciated.

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Please try to install the Endpoint locally, error 1603 usually means an error in the Windows Installer, not the ERA task.

I suspect the installation will fail locally as well, so it won't be an ERA issue. In that case, please create a log from the manual installation according to hxxp://support.eset.com/kb406/and submit it to our support team at hxxp://www.eset.com/support

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