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Error when attempting to install Client

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I work for a company that is using ESET Remote Administrator 6 to monitor remote client computers.

I've had no training and yet I have figured out a quite a bit online but I'm currently having an issue that I can't seem to find an answer to so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've installed the client on numerous machines but just recently the process is failing. I install the client directly on the work station.

I can begin the Agent install, provide the server address and port#, input the password, and then I'm asked to accept the certificate. No problems up to this point.

The issue occurs once I click yes on accept cert...I get the following message: "error occurred while receiving certification authority (try to reconnect)"

Anyone ever see this and more importantly does anyone know how to remedy this issues?

Thanks a million in advance!

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I assume you are performing a server-assisted installation.

Is there a direct connection to the server?

Does the local installation (with providing the certificate and CA files) work?

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Thanks for your response! Actually I was able to figure out the issue late last night. Issue seems to be version related. The latest version of the Agent is 6.2 and our Remote Admin server is running 6.1.

I verified this by obtaining the earlier version of the Agent and it installed no problem.

I'm going to upgrade our server today to 6.2.

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