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How can I add an exclusion for a specific filename, not matter the path?

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I have an executable that needs to be added to the ESET exclusion policy.  This executable can be located in multiple paths.  For example:



D:\Program Files\Program\custom.exe

E:\Program Files\ProgramB\custom.exe


Rather than create a separate line item for each install path that may exist in the environment, I would like to create a wildcard exclusion if possible.  I have a tried a few different formats, but none of them seem to have the desired effect.  I test by pushing the policy, confirming the new exclusion item exists on the client, and then right click the file and scan.  If ESET scans the file (1 file scanned), I know the policy did not work.  If I put an explicit exclusion on the server (ie c:\program\custom.exe) and manually scan it, ESET will return "0 files scanned" confirming the exclusion.

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It's necessary to exclude the full path to the file. You can substitute a folder name with *, e.g. "c:\users\*\Application Data\folder_to_exclude" which would be applied for all users. In v6.2 server products, you can also exclude processes which is useful when creating a backup for instance.

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Is it possible to exclude a exe like, to exclude this file on all path and drives?





with the new 6.2. ERAS?

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Hi, I have also a question regarding wildcards but not based on a filename.

We have the same folder but sometimes on a different partition, so would it be possible to add exclusions like below metioned?


We have the following folders C:\BEControl\* and D:\BEControl\*. Can I exclude both with the exclusion *\BEControl\*


Thank you in advance.


Edit: I just figured it out by myself. Only C:\BEControl\* is working, not *\BEControl\*. I did a test folder structure on my test machine and added the exception not to scan the content of this folder. But If I use *\BEControl\* wildcards the contents will be scanned. If I use C:\BEControl\* nothing will be scanned as expected.

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