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Smart security caused windows 10 to freeze

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I just bought a brand new computer.  Took it out of the box two hours ago.  It came with windows 10 pre installed.  It was working fine.  Then I installed Eset Smart Security.  And within a couple of minutes the whole computer froze up.  Now it won't let me do anything.  Key strokes don't worse.  The cursor moves around on screen but nothing is clickable.  Ctr+alt+del doesn't work.


I've done a hard shut down several times but as soon as it starts up again it freezes right away.


It's possible that the freezing problem, and the fact that I just installed the security program are unrelated, and the timing is just coincidence.  But I suspect it may be more than coincidence.



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Couldn't it be that there was another antivirus pre-installed on that new computer? It's usually McAfee which causes big performance issues after installing ESET.

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laptops usually come with a preinstalled AV, check the installed programs list to see if anything other than eset is present and remove it.

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Have the 3 computer license. 

First install was on my Alienware laptop running Windows 10. Seamless. Went through like a charm.

Next was on my Windows 10 Desktop. Freezed after installation. Used the uninstall tool and tried multiple times to no avail. On the bright side, learned a lot configuring settings with Windows 10.

Anyway, gave installing a rest for a couple of days 'til today. I was thinking about the differences during installation and the settings between both PCs.

The only difference was my Desktop had no Wifi connection installed. And that towards the end of my installation on the Alienware, I was asked to identify whether my connection was Public or Home/Work. While the installation on the Desktop never did.

Checked on my Desktop and it had my Ethernet connection set to Public.

So I set the "Make this PC discoverable" to ON. This changed the Network type to Private Network.

Then retried installing. (Note: To be able to use my PC again I had to open it in Safe Mode and run the Uninstall tool, and restarted in Normal mode. Plus downloaded the latest offline version of SS9 from the ESET website).

This time towards the end of the installation, I was asked to select whether Public or Home/Work Network. Clicked on Home/Work. And installation went through. Activated and Updated. No freezing anymore.

Hope this helps.

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