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New US website


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  • Former ESET Employees

Thank you!


Our web team is a great group of girls and guys who've been working very hard on this for a long time. 

I know they'll appreciate your praise!  :D

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Are you really talking about eset.com/us or some other site ? As that one looks the same to me as it has for a good while.


I thought maybe I can't get to the new site as I am being redirected to my local ESET website.  :D 


Maybe one of you could post a screnshot of the new US website ?

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Thank you my friend.


Hmmm...this is funny.  :D  I went to hxxp://www.eset.com/us/ directly after I read your post on Sep 16 and what I saw then was the design they've had for a few years.


Now when I checked eset.com/us after you posted some screenshots I see this........




Not sure why I saw the old layout Sep 16 if the new one went live on Aug 31.



Anyhow, it does look nice, you could almost think that it is the same team that have designed the new GUI in ESS/NOD32 V9 and Endpoint that have designed the new U.S. website. ^_^

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  • Former ESET Employees

Thanks for the kind words, guys. Our soft launch started mid-August and we've gradually started to bump up the percentage of visitors that see the new site vs the old design. 


What do you like best about the new design?

Is there anything that could be improved?

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The website is very clean and flows well. I had no real issues finding things. Looks professional and modern. It instills confidence.

The only thing I would add would be the word "forum" to the sub heading 

which falls under the support heading on the sitemap web page.




I do not think the "forum" is listed anywhere else. I did not do a purchase so I cannot comment on that part.


I really like the "resource center".



Again, they did a nice job. Hope someone is (at least) buying them lunch! ;)

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