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I have 2 ESET NOD32 Antivirus licenses, how do I tell which one I'm renewing?


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I just received an email saying that my EST NOD32 Antivirus license will expire in 14 days. I have 2 licenses, one was for a desktop that hasn't worked for about 9 months and the other is for a desktop that still works. I don't want to renew the license for the non-working desktop but I do want to renew the license for the working desktop. How do I know which license I'm renewing?

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Hello danwilletts.


(1) Check your expiration date on the working device via the "help and support" section of your gui.post-556-0-35394200-1442361401_thumb.jpg


(2) In addition, the gui should alert you (2 wks in advance?) if you are close to your expiration date. And then you should be able to renew via the links in your gui. See below:




(3) Assuming you have 2 completely separate licenses, you most likely have 2 separate usernames. If the e-mail you received contains your username, you can compare that to the working machine username. On the working PC, open your ESET product then press Ctrl + U on your keyboard to open the Username and Password setup window.

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