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Activated Product but License not renewed?

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The support isn't open today but I need assistance in renewing  my product. Hopefully someone can help me out with the issue I'm having.


I've attached a screenshot of my product I activated. I entered password and user name and activated it but the main ESET screen keeps claiming that the license is "Expired". I even tried clicking the link that says "If you received a new Username and Password, enter it here" but all that does is require me to put in my pass/username then as soon as I click "Ok" and allow the program to make changes, it just closes the prompt and nothing changes. 


I've tried restarting ESET and restarting my PC. I've entered my access code multiple times but ESET doesn't renew. 


How do I fix this? 


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  • ESET Staff

@Dennis Tiessen

In that case:


1. Go to "Configuration" and disable "anti-theft"

2. Reboot

3. Activate or re-activate the license using "help" > activation section"

  The date of expire should be on the "start" on top of ESET menu.

4. Go to "Configuration" and activate "anti-theft"

5. Follow the steps to create a new account or login into the existing one.


In case you end with 2 same devices into the anti-theft website, delete the old one;

or delete both (on website), logoff and repeat the process above


That should fix it.

let me know the results.

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