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Smart Security blocks cache-download.real.com. Is this a virus?


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For the past week, my Eset Smart Security (version 8.0.312.0) has been blocking these two sites even though I did not visit them. They showed up at the bottom right hand side of my screen, "Address has been blocked". Please see the links below:
Initially, this one is blocked:
And now, this is blocked instead:
I also experience the same thing when I tried to do a Windows Update.
I use Windows 7. Ran in-depth scan twice and no virus was detected. I also ran free version of Malwarebyte and again no threat was found.
May I know do the above links pose any threat to my laptop? Are they virus? Why Eset is blocking them?
How could I update my Windows then?
I am also experiencing problem with my Word document. Sporadic scrambled sentences appear after I make changes, save and open the file. I am not entirely certain whether these two issues are interrelated.
Could someone please help me solve these problems?
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


I use Windows 7

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they are detected as PUA=potentialy unwanted applications. something in the installers, probably a toolbar or some advertisements are teh cause of the block.

you can temporarily disable the firewall and install the programs, assuming you download them from the original website

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Hi pavilion_alex,


Thank you so much for your advice. I thought I downloaded Realplayer from the original site. But to be on the safer side, I will use the link you gave me instead.


Should I uninstall my Realplayer first before downloading from the link you have given me?


Thank you for your help.



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just download it and install it. it will upgrade the current installation


the website is www.real.com


ESS will be triggered in many products that also pack unwanted stuff.

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