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Banking Protection and HTTPS-Everywhere

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My default browser is Firefox, currently version 40.0.3; I use some privacy add-ons, and HTTPS-Everywhere (V5.1) by EFF is among them. The add-on seems to interfere with the functioning of Banking Protection

When the add-on is enabled Banking Protection returns Eset's 404 page not found error. However when the HTTPS-Everywhere is disabled Banking Protection opens the correct URL.

Eset beta is in interactive mode and pre-release update is enabled. Otherwise settings are default.

My OS is Windows 7 64bit Home Premuim with current updates.

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Our Banking & Payment Protection feature is designed to work in a default web browser with no modifications. Most of the addons are irrelevant, but addons that interfere with the connection are disruptive, as you have experienced yourself. The recommended solution is not to use such addons if you want the Banking & Payment Protection to be working.




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