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Constant freezing and BSOD's until Eset uninstalled.

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Not sure what about Eset Smart Security 8 and Win 10 are not getting along, but it is what it is.


I kept having problems with system freezes on restarts and BSODs.  When I uninstalled Eset Smart Security...no more freezing or restarts.


The thing that really sucks is that I JUST NOW upgraded my Eset Smart Security 8 5 PC license.


I am afraid to reinstall it, because it would not uninstall and I had to download and use the uninstaller to get rid of it.


It seems that my problems pop up whenever Microsoft updates Win 10.  During a restart those updates are installed, and then things start to freeze.


The freezing only stopped once I uninstalled Eset Smart Security.


When will Eset Smart Security be compatible with Win 10 Pro?


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  • Administrators

ESET Smart Security 8.0.319 IS compatible with Windows 10. If possible, please generate a complete memory dump as per the instructions at hxxp://support.eset.com/kb380/when the system freezes. When done, compress it, upload it to a safe location (e.g. Dropbox) and pm me the download link.

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  • Former ESET Employees

Same problem here as I mentioned in another post. Constant BSOD and freezes. It's so disturbing ESET can't find a solution.


See Marcos' post above and please do the same, if you haven't done so already.

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