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Is EMSX v6.2 now officially released or still beta?

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I have seen Eset Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (EMSX) v6.2 is in the Beta forum, where I was asking about release date.

I know see that it is available for download on your main website and is mentioned as supported by the new ERAv6.2..... but it isn't announced yet in the sticky threads here...

So I was wanting to know is this officially released now, or is it still in beta.... or is it half way between these, sort-of having a soft launch maybe?

The reason I ask, is that I had a nightmare day with EMSX v4.5 yesterday, which resulted in 24 hours of no virus or spam protection for my users email. In the end in desperation I decided to install v6.2 from your website, which has worked to solve my problem... but I am obviously concerned to know if I am now running fully released software, or a beta release? (as it changes the way I trust and monitor the program).


In other news, I'm liking lots of the new features, and detection rate seems good, but there seem to be no fine tune controls over the detection levels which surprised me. Too early to say what our non-detection rate is like(how many spams slipped through), but I've not seen a false positive in the quarantine yet! (which is promising - although it has only been 24hours, so early days)


Talking of which, the new webpage based quarantine is awesome! I put in our external domain url (used for Outlook Web Access), but with /quarantine instead of /owa, and it just worked! Even down to using the same GeoTrust certificate automatically so users can now login using their domain credentials to a secure spam quarantine webpage (even from outside our organisation) and release/delete just their own emails.... and if an administrator logs in they can see the lot for releasing/deleting! What a great feature!


I'd love some discussion on configuring the spam features on EMSX v6.2 though, to hear of others' experiences, both good and bad. Ours opinion so far is a guarded:


        "great so far, but I'll be keeping a nervous close eye on it until it has proven itself"


What about you?





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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Mike,


Despite the missing sticky thread, EMSX 6.2 is officially released and fully supported, you can deploy it and our support teams will help you should any issue arise.

It is great to hear that the new version has already managed to resolve an issue you had with the previous one.




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  • ESET Moderators

Sorry about that Mike--check out our KB article for the FAQ and What's New in EMSX 6.2:



and for North American users, the /int URL posted by TomasP's will not work, the correct link is hxxp://www.eset.com/us/resources/content-browser-detail/eset-releases-next-generation-of-esetR-mail-security-for-microsoft-exchange-server/

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