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"Undocumented Serious Error (${ErrorCode})" when trying to update Virus Signature DB

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Here's the SS of the error I received.


Here's an SS of the reason I tried to update it manually.


Here's an SS of the thing SAYING my DB is good, even though it's out of date.




So, here's how it went:

I got the error saying to update the DB, and then I went to do that and it gave the undocumented error message, and then I went back to the main screen and then BACK to the DB update screen and it showed that my DB is current when it wasn't(as you can see by the date on the computer and the date it said it last updated).


I need a fix, ASAP.


I even updated the PROGRAM(since there's an update) and it's still doing it after that, and I can't update my definitions! :-o






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