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Eset Service - Interactive Service Error


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Hi, Can anyone tell me why I am geting the following error in the windows event logs?



The ESET Service service is marked as an interactive service. However, the system is configured to not allow interactive services. This service may not function properly.

Event ID: 7030



This is for both Business (Endpoint Advanced) and Home (Smart Security) versions of Eset



On my home PC I was having issues with the audio cutting out after playing games or listening to music for 5 or 10mins and the only way to fix it was to restart the windows audio service or reboot the PC. I got the error "another application is using your audio device, please close any programs playing sound"


I rebuilt windows 10 and carefully installed all my programs one by one leaving enough time between each one for the problem to re-occur. I had no problems for 2 weeks but then as soon as I installed Eset my audio would cut out again. I have since modified the registry to allow interactive services and the problem has gone away and hasn't now re-occurred for 4 days so that is obviously what was causing the sound issue.


I checked my work computer where I am running Eset Endpoint Advanced protection 6.2 and I can see the same interactive service error on this PC... although not experiencing any issues as yet!

I got my colleagues to also check theirs and they get the same errors also, so just curious as to what the error means and why it would be stopping my audio playback?!


Also what it could mean for our customers now that we are slowly migrating them to Eset !!



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  • ESET Moderators



The entries in Windows event log are not related to the issue you described, the warnings are generated by Windows and do not affect the functionality of our product.

As a matter of fact, I have not come across the issue with audio being cut off yet. In order to investigate, please submit a support request, either via the program itself or on our website www.eset.com/support

Our support technicians will address the issue directly, ask for a detailed description and log files from your computer so that we can look for any relation to our product.




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Thanks for the reply. I think I'll stick with having interactive services enabled for now as that has solved the issue.


I can't seem to find much information about it and what implications that may have on security, etc


I found some articles on it from Microsoft but they are just coding articles describing how to code your software differently to not run services interactively.

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