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Proper use of ERA proxy

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what is the best practise to switch clients from direct ERA connection to ERA proxy?


I have clients with agents set up to connect to the ERA FQDN (which is outside of the local network). I installed ERA Proxy on the on-premise server and the proxy function is showing up correctly in ERA for this server.


I set up a policy with configurations for the ERA Agents and added the FQDN of  the on-premise server to the "connects to" list. But I also added the remote ERA Address in case the proxy has problems or is off line.


Is this correct? Is the order of the "Servers to connect to" list honoured? Or does the agent connect to all the entries (round-robin like) and I should only set the local proxy address?


Is it possible that the agent on the Proxy Server connects to localhost or must the "proxy agent" connect directly to external ERA?


Thanks in advance

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Hello tobiasperschon,


I checked with our developers and they confirmed you can add more entries which will be evaluated in order.

So your assumption is correct, in case the connection to the first address fails, it will try the second, etc.

As for the agent on the proxy itself, I believe it would work both ways, but it is recommended to have it connect to the server directly, so that you have first-hand information about the proxy.




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