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Disable Mac Notifications?


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I just updated my ERA Server to 6.2.  While a lot of things were fixed, I am still disappointed with their attention to OSX devices.  The other IT teams at my organization are against deploying ESET Endpoint A/V v6 to our Macs because of pop-up notifications that seem to have to be disabled on the endpoint themselves one by one.

For example, we do not always run the latest version of OSX and ESET consistently reminds you of this with a popup.  I would like to know is it possible to disable this message like we can with the Windows policy?


Secondly when a removal drive is plugged into a Mac, ESET asks to scan the device.  This all can be disable of course by selecting "Do not ask me again", but I am simply wanting the same functionality that my Windows clients have.


Lastly, I would like to lock down the settings panel like I can with Windows clients to prevent users from clicking and adjusting settings.

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Hello kingoftheworld,


I have submitted your wish for a feature expansion to the responsible department.

As for the protection of settings, this works differently on Unix systems - there is no password to enter the preferences, rather you can define a list of the users who will be able to perform changes to the settings. This list can also be edited from ERA and sent via a policy. (New Policy > ESET Security Product for OS X & Linux > Tools > Privileges)




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