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ESET Remote Administrator 6.2 has been released

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We are pleased to announce the availability of a new version of ESET Remote Administrator 6.2 which brings numerous improvements based on users' feedback as well as fixes of issues.



  • Added: Post-installation task wizard for deploying the ERA appliance
  • Added: User login protection with two-factor authentication
  • Added: Support for ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 6.2, ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server 6.2, ESET Endpoint Security 6.1 for OS X 6.1 and ESET Virtualization Security (in the form of new tasks, logs and configurations)
  • Added: View ESET SysInspector Logs in ESET Remote Administrator Web Console
  • Added: Option to migrate policies from ESET Remote Administrator version 5 and ability to change exported configuration into policy
  • Added: Offline Mirror Tool to create stand-alone offline update mirror for ESET endpoint products
  • Added: New server tasks to automatically remove non-connecting computers and to automatically rename computers using FQDN or Computer name
  • Added: Option to deactivate licenses on computers using a Server Task
  • Added: New dashboard section that shows versions of installed application and the status when applications are out-of-date (for example, when newer versions of applications are available)
  • Improved: Threats options in the Web Console have been improved (for example, “Threat Details” have been added), and managing threats has been changed for improved user experience
  • Improved: All-in-one installer has been improved, it now allows installations of SQL Express 2014 on newer systems, installation of another SQL Express instance, option to select Mobile Device Connector installation, and installation support on Microsoft Small Business Server and Domain Controllers
  • Improved: All-in-one installer can be used for uninstallation of ESET Remote Administrator components
  • Improved: ERA appliance deployment has been redesigned and post-deployment setup can now be performed using the Web Console
  • Improved: Tasks now include trace-level information in new “trace message” column in the Executions tab of task details to provide troubleshooting information
  • Improved: Ability to pin closed the left Web Console pane
  • Improved: A refresh button has been added to applicable Web Console screens
  • Improved: Several context menu options have been added to various Web Console screens
  • Improved: Ability to filter computers based on workgroup memberships using the Dynamic group template expression
  • Improved: Other usability and Web Console performance improvements
  • Fixed: Issue when “Last connected time” shown for a mobile device does not show the actual connection time of the device, but only the last replication on the associated agent instance from ESET Mobile Device Connector
  • Fixed: When you uninstall the ESET Remote Administrator Agent from version 5.x and 4.x ESET business products, the license seat will remain "used,” and it will not return the seat back to the pool (as it would for ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security 6)
  • Fixed: OVA Appliances for ESET Remote Administrator Proxy and ESET Mobile Device Connector was supported only on VMware vSphere
  • Fixed: Computer name resolution does not work correctly in cases where the computer connects to ESET Remote Administrator Server for the first time and is behind a NAT or visible by ISP IP Address
  • Fixed: It was not possible to uninstall password-protected ESET products using ESET Remote Administrator (password protection must be disabled first)
  • Fixed: An incorrect IP address of a computer is sometimes shown in ESET Remote Administrator Web Console when the computer has multiple network adapters
  • Fixed: Live Agent Installer on Windows XP 32-bit SP3 requested elevated privileges (displayed a pop-up message)
  • Fixed: Proxy does not cache installer packages for the ESET Remote Administrator Agent on Windows and OS X, when push deployment is performed
  • Fixed: You cannot correctly perform an upgrade of ESET Remote Administrator Agent on OS X (for example, Agent upgrade on OS X 10.9 via task will not work)
  • Fixed: Various other bug fixes

To upgrade existing ERA server and components, simply send a Remote Administrator Components Upgrade task.


Installers are available on the download page hxxp://www.eset.com/int/download/business/.

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Support Resources


ESET Remote Administrator 6—FAQ / What's new?


ESET provides support in the form of User Guides, fully localized application and online help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support.

  • ESET Remote Administrator Online Help contains comprehensive reference information for system settings, configurations, installation scenarios and more.
  • For video tutorials, see the ESET Knowledgebase YouTube channel.

  • For other questions, such as troubleshooting, FAQs and tutorial videos, you can search the ESET Knowledgebase.
Known Issues and Changelogs

For a detailed list of known issues, see Known issues for version 6 ESET business products.

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