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1 case of corrupted veracrypt

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I use veracrypt to decrypt my truecrypt drives.

Yesterday, I ran veracrypt, and the dialog/box that came up was fully (99%) in some arabic scrollwork...NOT English


so, I thought, after closing and reopening with same results, maybe I could 'remove' or 'uninstall' the program, then re-install? Right?


Wrong...the uninstaller was in Arabic Not English either...so I didn't know what buttons to push on the dialog box...


finally, I used the uninstall without tracing log feature, (Revo Uninstaller Pro) and it has been uninstalled...I have yet to download and


re-install Veracrypt...but if this happened once...won't it happen again?...


Q: Wow...this is a powerful way to destroy data in my system...how did this 'hack' or corruption take place with ESET running???


Please explain to me this.






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  • ESET Moderators

Hello edgy61611,


It is not usual that a malware would change language settings of a legitimate product installed in your computer and I doubt the change was done deliberately by anyone.

From your screenshots, the product seems fully functional, if we disregard the changed language. That is not how a malware would operate - there would be errors, denied access, missing files, or the program wouldn't start at all.

Did you reach out to VeraCrypt's support? It is possible there is an issue with the product itself, how it saves your preferred language, etc.

Anyway, we will be glad to assist you furher, should it be confirmed by the developer that the VeraCrypt software had been compromised.




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